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Borderland Books was founded in 2005 by Richard Quinney. After his years of publishing with commercial publishers and university presses, Borderland Books was established as an independent press to publish books in the tradition of art and craft printing and binding. The works of nonfiction writers, artists and photographers, novelists and poets have been published by Borderland Books. Several classics by regional writers have been republished, including books by Roy Chapman Andrews, August Derleth, and Glenway Wescott. Careful attention is given to book design, layout and composition, selection of papers, binding, and the design and printing of covers and dust jackets.

The books are designed by Ken Crocker (www.kencrockerartist.com).

The University of Wisconsin Press (www.wisc.edu/wisconsinpress) is the distributor of the books.

Inquiries can be directed to Richard Quinney.