Richard Quinney

Ox Herding in Wisconsin

Ox Herding in Wisconsin

by Richard Quinney

"I know the writing that is good and severe discipline. Many times writing has been for me about the only discipline I had or needed, and it was good. In the telling of the story — in the writing — I have been able to consider carefully what I am experiencing in my life. Writing is a way to understand the experience, to learn from it, and a way to go on."

An excerpt from Ox Herding in Wisconsin:

A guide to mindful living, inspired by the Buddhist parable of ox herding.

This is a daybook inspired by the parable of ox herding, the search for one's true self. For a long time, writers, artists, and students of Buddhism have found spiritual guidance in the herding of the ox. This metaphorical ox herding is a guide for a year of living and observing, arriving at awareness and understanding.

In Ox Herding in Wisconsin, Richard Quinney writes meditatively about his experiences of everyday life. In the course of the seasons of a year, he carefully notes the daily news, seasonal changes in nature, family history, personal health and aging, poetry and music, and spiritual development. The observations and writings of classical and contemporary writers enrich the book, offering insights and epiphanies for the Wisconsin ox herder. Illustrated with images both found and newly created, Ox Herding in Wisconsin provides sustenance for the contemplative journey close to home.

192 pp. 5 5/8 x 8 inches

12 illustrations

ISBN: 978-0-9835174-2-9

ISBN: 978-0-9835174-6-7