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The Memory of Grace

The Memory of Grace

by Michael Braswell  

The Memory of Grace explores the thoughts and stories of thinkers and doers throughout the ages as a way of experiencing the grace that comes from learning into wisdom, a way that can encourage us to live more meaningful and complete lives. From cultivating a beginner’s mind to embracing the big Mystery to seeking ways to serve others, timeless truths both cajole and encourage us to keep trying, no matter what the circumstance.

About the Author

Michael Braswell has authored and coauthored books on ethics, peacemaking, social justice and the spiritual journey. In addition, he has coauthored two novels and three short story collections. His books include Interview with Joab, Journey Homeward, Remembering Peleliu, An Unholy Alliance (with Robert J. Higgs), Morality Stories (with Joycelyn Pollock and Scott Braswell), Long Road Home (with Richard Zevitz), Stray Dogs (with Scott Braswell), and God’s Scoundrels and Misfits (with Clemens Bartollas). He taught ethics and social justice for more than 35 years and is currently Professor Emeritus of Criminal Justice and Criminology at East Tennessee State University. He is also a consulting editor with Routledge Books.