Richard Quinney

Diary of a Camera

The Morning Hour

by Richard Quinney  

For a long time, the morning has been my time for contemplation and the writing of a few words to the day. This morning time has been a meditation on experiences and events of my daily life: the geographical moves, the personal relationships, the thoughts and dreams, the illnesses and recoveries, the reading of books and listening to music, the research and reflection on the lives of my ancestors—all the things that seemed important to me. Recording my experiences, placing them in a spiritual and intellectual context, has been my work and my joy. I could not have lived otherwise.

In recent years, I have been thinking and writing about enlightenment (what it is and how we might experience it) and this world of dreams (the nature of reality as perceived daily). It has become imperative to me, in my eighty trips around the sun, to devote time to these essential concerns. I hope that these writings will be of help to others, and to all those I think and care about in my hours of solitude.

―Richard Quinney

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