Richard Quinney

Of Time and Place: A Family Farm in Wisconsin

Of Time and Place: A Family Farm in Wisconsin

by Richard Quinney  

Of Time and Place is Richard Quinney’s celebration of—and elegy for—the family farm first settled by his great-grandparents fleeing the potato famine in Ireland. It is the farm of his birth and early years. When the house at the Old Place was torn down decades ago, the family photograph albums were carried up to the farmhouse. A few letters, some diary entries, and scrapbooks of obituaries and postcards and newspaper clippings survived to preserve a portion of the family history, along with photographs made later that documented life on the farm. This is the story of the several generations that lived on these few acres of rolling hills and wetlands in the southeast corner of Wisconsin.

About the Author

Richard Quinney is author of several books of autobiographical writing and photography, including Journey to a Far Place, For the Time Being, Where Yet the Sweet Birds Sing, Of Time and Place, Field Notes, A Lifetime Burning, Once Upon an Island, A Sense Sublime, The Morning Hour, Sketches, Still Life with Camera, Mystery of the Marsh, To This I Am Native, and On the Open Road. His other books are in the field of sociology. His retrospective book of photographs is Things Once Seen. He is the founder of the independent press Borderland Books. He has had a career as a professor of sociology in American universities and lives in Madison, Wisconsin.